how to teach your kitten to fetch.

by hasalyn

Our kitten, Bebe, is quite fetching.

Fetch Kitten from aloneinaforest on Vimeo.

Yes, she’s gorgeous, but she’s also really into sprinting to get her mouse and returning it to us.   Um, yes…it’s adorable.

Our other cat, Mumu, is much less interested in these sorts of antics – but he’s really good at lying in front of the floor heater and lounging.

More model than athlete, Mumu is.

So here’s how to teach your cat to fetch:

1. Determine if you have a cat predisposed to the mental complexities of fetching –  does he/she get into things and find him/herself in trouble?  This cat could be a winner.

2.  You have to have treats on hand.  Bebe won’t do anything sans beef jerky.  Other cats want praise – so determine what kind of kitten you may have.

This kitten has stars in her eyes.

3.  Ask your kitten nicely where his/her mouse is.  (He/she has to have a fairly strong spirit bond with you, so as to understand your language). You don’t have to use a mouse.  My stepmother used little red pillows with her siamese – she swears by them.  (but then you have to sew).  Other folks curl up pip cleaners or crunch up paper (low-brow if you ask me).

4.  Sometimes it’s good to learn to fetch before dinner, Bebe works harder when she knows chow time is headed her direction.

5.  Just keep trying until he/she gets it.  If he/she doesn’t, then stick he/she in front of a heater and see if he/she will lounge.

Happy Turkeys.