feathers, aronofsky, and us.

by hasalyn

Clearly, we need to meet Darren Aronofsky – because his new film, Black Swan, shares some startling similarities to our most recent short, Animus.

Both films, on a very basic level deal with inner demons.  They also question whether the reality of the characters is actually what is real.

See? Our Ash has inner demons too.

In our case, Ash finds a magical clock (the Animus) that grants his wishes of  untimely death…at a price.  We tried to balance the circumstances, so one could always question if  scenarios were coincidence — or the work of the “Animus.”

This is the Animus

In the case of Black Swan, Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis play ballet dancers – performing Swan Lake. In the competition for parts, Portman’s character finds the dark side of herself.

Darren and Aloneinaforest Heart Feathers

Aesthetically (at first glance) the films remind me of each other. They’re both made with tender-loving-design and eye candy in mind.

Eye Candy, yes. She who likes pretty things, likes chandeliers.

Black Swan is in a contemporary setting, and (like all our films) Animus takes place in a magical-mystery-post-apocalyptic-Victorian-mid-eastern-Montana world…BUT…both the characters’ eyes change when evil strikes…and both our leads sprout feathers.  Wavelength? I think yes.

Here’s the Trailer for Black Swan & you can check out “Animus” by clicking HERE.

Yours for better blogging,


PS: We’re working on a new project, The Way of Blood. I’ll only say this: “Prepare for something awesome, that’s an HH guarantee.”